We offer a wide range of services to both domestic and commercial clients.

We work with schools, churches, historical and listed building.


Stone Cleaning

There’s much more to stone cleaning than a high-pressure hose. Stone is naturally porous and its appearance will deteriorate over time if neglected. Professional cleaning is one way to bring your stonework back to life. We use a number of methods, depending on the stone. We can clean all types of stone, lime, sand, marble and granite are just a few. Its not just stone we clean though, we also offer cleaning to brickwork, paving and render.



We are specialists in all aspects of stone restoration and conservation work. We have worked on a number of large and small restoration projects. We have worked on many listed buildings. Our aim is to always retain the original stone where possible and match where needed. We are able to restore all types of stone and brickwork.



Carving is a unique talent that requires expertise and experience in carving itself. We offer stone carving on and off site. We can provide a new carving or we can match the existing masonry. We can design new carvings and drawings or work from pre existing drawings. Carving can be anything from letters and numbers to new fireplaces or restoration of something old.



Stone walling, including rebuilding of existing walls and supply and building of new walls, we can work using new, existing or reclaimed stone and a variety of mortars to suit. We offer walling in many styles such as dry stone walling, random rubble stone, coursed and semi-coursed. We can build from any type of natural stone. We carry out walling work for many projects such as garden landscaping, interior and exterior house walls, extensions, new builds and restoration projects.

Paint Removal

Natural stone should not be painted and can be damaging to the stone over time. It will cause the stone to rot away and trap damp inside, which can cause internal damp problems. When a property has been painted, we can take it back to the original form. We remove the paint as carefully as possible to ensure the stone is not damaged underneath using various techniques.



Over time weathering and decay can cause damage to joints, which can cause internal damp problems by letting the water in through the joints. We carry out repointing by carefully removing the existing mortar and replacing it with a choice of matching mortars including lime based mortars. There are also different styles of pointing that can be replicated.



We have carried out many paving projects from small gardens to large town areas. We can supply and lay new paving or relay existing paving. From natural stone paving to manufactured paving.


Graffiti Removal

As an extension to our specialised stone cleaning service we offer graffiti removal. We can also apply a range of surface treatments that are all ‘true breathing’ products, meaning that they are vapour permeable yet liquid impermeable, allowing the substrate to breath whilst rejecting any fresh application of paint or felt-tip. We apply these with care and expertise to return the vandalised area back to its original condition without damaging the area underneath.